Independent Providers

Independent provider with a person she supports.An Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) Certified Independent Provider is a self-employed direct support professional who provides services/supports for people with A woman spending time with her direct support professional. developmental disabilities.

There are more than 100 independent providers who provide direct services to Licking County residents who have developmental disabilities.

LCBDD uses local levy dollars to provide a portion of the funding to the providers in our community. LCBDD also has a Provider Support team that is dedicated to supporting providers in our county.

Independent providers contract with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) to provide services/supports for Licking County residents. They must provide the services themselves and cannot employ, either directly or through contract, anyone else to provide the services.

How do I become an independent provider?

An independent provider must have:

    • Access to a computer and printer for necessary forms.
    • Their own email which they access regularly.
    • The ability to keep good records and notes on the support that they provide.
    • They must enter billing as well as track/understand reports for the supports that they provide.
    • Annual training, which is required and provided free online from DODD.


At this time there is no process to certify as a new provider. The new system is expected to be available beginning on October 1, 2022.  If you know someone who needs supports and wish to become their provider before October, you may contact:

Both of these choices represent agencies who will hire you to provide supports to the person who has already chosen you. Be certain to ask about the pay, any benefits and their expectations for your time and documentation of supports

LCBDD now offers a regular newsletter for independent providers. Click here to see the most current edition, as well as an archive of previous newsletters.

Who is part of the LCBDD Provider Support Team and how can I contact them?

You can contact our Provider Support Team by calling 740-349-6588 or by clicking on a name below to access email.

Angie Finck Director of Provider and Transition SupportAngie Finck, Director of Provider and Transition Supports– Oversees goods/services contracting for the Licking County Board of DD, Community Capital Assistance Housing and housing initiatives, facilitates projects related to provider support and community collaboration, and fields questions about the Provider Support team. 

David McManus Provider Support CoordinatorDavid McManus, Provider Support Coordinator– Provides technical assistance for agency providers, supports transportation efforts, assists with the Imagine Information System utilization, support for self-advocacy groups, and is the liaison for the Kiwanis Aktion Club of Licking County.


Teresa Whipkey Provider Support CoordinatorTeresa Whipkey, Provider Support Coordinator-Provides technical assistance to independent providers, assists with rental housing availability and assistance programs, facilitates the approval and completion of home modifications, provides initial and annual certification training, and provides DSPaths certification training.

Brandi Body DSP Eligibility Consultant and Provider Support CoordinatorBrandi Body, Provider Support Coordinator/DSP Eligibility Specialist– Coordinates the marketing for open Direct Support Professional (DSP) positions for participating agencies, completes the initial employment screening and high school diploma/GED verification of DSP applicants, facilitates the drug screening and background checks for DSP applicants and coordinates resources/supports to DSPs.


Additional resources:

  •  Printing forms: Did you know that you can find and print the forms you need at your convenience from home or wherever you have access to a printer? We have created a web page with the information and forms you need to be a great provider.

    You can find that web page on the Licking Co. Board of Developmental Disabilities web site. You can click on the picture to read full article(s) about people we support, our partners and providers. You can also scroll down to the  question, “Are you a Provider”. Click on Independent. When that page appears on your screen you will see information about becoming a provider. Scroll down to see information about our Provider Support Team. Keep scrolling down to the heading that reads “Additional Resources”.

    Those resources are categorized by topic. The first topic is NPI (Provider ID Numbers) then One Page Profiles. Next, you will find information about documentation of Homemaker/Personal Care, SharedLiving and Transportation Supports. You must keep documentation of your support for each day that you bill (or file a claim).

    Continue through each topic of the additional resources to familiarize yourself with the information. Be sure to call Teresa (740-322-6907) with all of your questions.

  • All providers are required to be registered through the CMS National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) with a unique NPI number.  If you think you might already have an NPI number, please use this web site to search for your entry (you can enter your first and last name only to search). When you are ready to apply, there are two helpful documents to step you through this process:
  • One Page Profiles are fun to create for yourself and the people that you support. This profile can contain information that will help you stay on track when supporting each person. It can also be used to provide vital information in case of an emergency when there is not enough time to fully train someone. To see the format of a One Page Profile, please click here.
  • Documentation of the support you provide is required before entering bills (claims) for the support you provide. Use the following forms and instructions to log your daily care, mileage, learning log information and outcome progress.
  • Eight hours of provider training is required each year. There are specific topics that DODD requires you complete. The link below will guide you to additional information on training.
  • Renewal of Provider Certification must be completed online approximately every three years. Providers should use the template below to prepare for renewing their DODD Independent Provider Certification.

  • Within 60 days after certification is granted, all new providers must take an additional class on billing for services. This class is available on DODD’s training web site. Providers can make an appointment with Teresa Whipkey to complete the first billing cycle (or more) to meet this training need. Instructions are also listed below.
  • Providers who engage in a shared living arrangement with the person they support may find it helpful to have a document explaining the details of their arrangement. This document would help answer questions such as “If that person decided to hire a different provider, what would be the arrangement for room and board?” The below link contains a DODD recommended example agreement which can help ensure needed information is clearly stated.

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