Independent Providers


We administer Licking County’s developmental disability system. This includes more than 100+ independent providers and 15+ local agencies who provide direct services to Licking County residents who have developmental disabilities. We use our local levy dollars to provide a portion of the funding to the Providers in our community. The providers contract with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) to provide services/supports for Licking County residents.

An Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Certified Independent Provider is a self-employed person who provides services/supports for people with developmental disabilities. Independent providers must provide the services themselves and cannot employ, either directly or through contract, anyone else to provide the services.

An Independent Provider must have access to a computer, be able to print necessary forms, their own email which they access regularly,be able to keep good records and notes on the support that they provide, and must enter billing as well as track/understand reports for the supports that they provide. Annual training is required and provided free online from DODD. The cost to apply for certification is $125 every three years. DODD processes certification applications within 30 days after the BCII report is received by DODD from the Attorney General’s office; however, DODD can request additional information which can delay the certification approval.

Use this form as a guide to prepare for the DODD online application

Applicants should click here to begin the application process.

Working with LCBDD

DODD will notify providers once their application has been approved. The provider should then contact the service coordinator to set up funding for support. After support begins, we will train the Provider on billing and documentation. To set up a time to complete the first billing, acquire a provider notebook and to be added to Licking County Board of DD’s provider network, Email Teresa Whipkey.

Training for Providers

To access the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities free online training click here.  Another free training option is to attend a full-day in-person training offered by the Licking County Board of DD. These courses are offered at least once a month, provided there is enough enrollment to hold the class. For dates, location and to register for this training click here.

Resources For Our Providers



  • You must have access to and be trained on your role in the ISP. Use the document below to record when and with whom you complete that training each year.



  • Within 60 days after certification is granted, all new providers must take an additional class on billing for services. This class is available on DoDD’s training web site. Providers can make an appointment with Teresa Whipkey to complete the first billing cycle (or more) to meet this training need. Instructions are also listed below.


Contact Us

 Teresa Whipkey, Provider Support Coordinator

Telephone: 740-349-6588