Common housing misconceptions

Common housing misconceptions

Can LCBDD just assign me somewhere to live?

No, but LCBDD can assist you with investigating housing options. LCBDD works closely with housing corporations that rent to people with developmental disabilities. You could also use online resources or speak to a realtor.

Housing will be available whenever I want it.

It might take awhile to find a housing option that matches your needs, wants and budget. If you think it’s something you are interested in, you should start the process early.

The county board has places I can live.

LCBDD can put you in touch with companies or agencies that do or connect you with the resources available to anyone in our community who is searching for a place to live.

Our agency currently owns one home in Etna Township that is specifically for Licking County youth, age 10-18, who are supported by multiple agencies and are in need of out-of-home placement. The day-to-day services in the home are provided by ViaQuest. Click here to learn more about the home and the family who made it possible.

The county board can assign me a roommate.

That probably wouldn’t work out very well for anyone. Instead, your Service Coordinator can help connect you with other people who are looking for roommates and help set up a time for you to meet and talk about your interests and expectations. The same process would apply if you were looking to change roommates. Whenever people decide to live together, it’s important they are compatible. 

Can I move to a “group home?”

The term group home was typically used when county boards used to own and operate homes for larger groups of people with disabilities. Now, most people with disabilities live in homes or apartments that they rent or own, just like any other community member. They may have roommates and receive support from direct support professionals.

If you are interested in living in an intermediate care facility, please click here to  visit our ICF page. 

If you want more information about licensed homes, click here to visit our Licensed home page.

The county board will help me move.

LCBDD can assist with coordinating moving arrangements (contacting a moving company, coordinating payment with the payee, contacting friends/family/provider, etc.), but we do not have moving trucks. You will need to pay for your moving expenses.