Preparing to move

You have the right to choose where you live and who you live with. As you exercise your rights, here are some things to consider to make sure you have all the information you need to make this decision and ensure a smooth transition.

Before you decide:

  • Do you need to talk to the people you currently live with?
  • Would a roommate be needed if you move?

Can I afford it?

  • Do you have money for a deposit/ a moving company/ rent and utilities? If you have waiver funding, be sure to think about how your waiver can help with your housing needs. If you are unsure or have questions about how your waiver can help, contact your Service Coordinator.
  • Do you have furniture and household items, toiletries and cleaning supplies? Will you need to start from scratch (at an estimated cost of more than $2,000?)

Will this change other aspects of my life?

  • Would moving put you closer or farther away from your job/family/friends or activities you enjoy?
  • Will it affect the cost of transportation to get other places?

I’m ready for a change!

  • Talk to your Service Coordinator and come up with a plan. Notify your provider, if  applicable. 
  • Get to know potential roommates (if needed or wanted) and make a decision.
  • Select a new place to live. Check out the following resources: 
  • Is it in your budget?
  • Is it safe?  Is it accessible? Will you be able to get around and take care of your personal needs?
  • Figure out who will help you pack and move (LCBDD is not able to pay for a moving company but can help you find one.)
  • Sign a lease.
  • Notify providers, employers, utility companies, the Post Office and other important agencies of your address change. Your Service Coordinator will have a list to help you.
  • Purchase any items you will need in your new home.

Have a problem in your current living situation?

What’s the problem?

  • Have you brought it up with the landlord, your roommates or provider?

Can the issue be fixed in another way?

  • Have you asked your Service Coordinator if they can help you address it?

Will this result in you choosing a new provider? If so click here to learn what you should do.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, you have the right to ask your Service Coordinator for assistance.