Licking County Children and Families First Council

The Licking County Children and Families First Council (CFFC) was established in 1995 to streamline and coordinate government services for local families of children, birth to age 18.

Councils can be found in all 88 Ohio counties and receive support and guidance from the  Ohio Family and Children First (OFCF) .

In Licking County, the CFFC is made up of representatives from local social services agencies, non-profits, schools, religious organizations, parents and local leaders.

For more information on the members of the council and the services it offers, visit their website.

LCBDD is extremely active in the CFFC and Superintendent Jason Umstot sits on its governing board.

  • The CFFC takes the lead in coordinating support for children and teens who have a DD diagnosis and are also served by other systems (known as multi-system youth.) Each child is assigned an CFFC staff member to act as their Community Support Team Facilitator and their Service Coordinator is included as a member of their team.  The CFFC and LCBDD both use a person centered approach to connect families with the services and resources they need.  
  • LCBDD plays an active role in the CFFC’s Early Childhood Clinical Committee which works with families of young children (0-10) who need additional wrap-around support. The committee also provides training and educational opportunities to those in the early childhood field.
      • Early Childhood Clinical Committee can provide consultations to Licking County providers serving children from birth to age 8. These consultations are primarily for children whose needs are beyond the standard agency services or
        who may not be linked with sufficient services; children at risk of/returning home from placement; or children experiencing homelessness. Because members of the Clinical Committee represent a variety of different organizations and service providers, there are opportunities to brainstorm the best way to use the resources Licking County has to offer. More information and a release form for consultations can be found by clicking here.
  • The CFFC has been instrumental in promoting training and education related to trauma informed care. 

The council also has information on its website which serves as a great resource for all local families for agencies and connections they can utilize for support.