Home modifications

A step by step guide to the LCBDD home modification process:

Step one: Preparation

  • Work with your Service Coordinator to complete the Service Needs Reassessment (SNR) form
  • You will also need:
      • A letter of medical necessity from a doctor
      • Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy Evaluation stating what modifications are being requested to meet the need
      • A letter or email from the homeowner giving permission for the modification to be done (if you rent your home.)
      • “Before” photos of the area where a modification is needed.


  • Talk to your Service Coordinator about the funding that is available to make sure there is enough to cover the cost.
  • Home modifications cannot add square footage to your home.
  • Roll-in showers are known to allow water to splash across the floor so please plan accordingly

Step two: Request approval

  • LCBDD’s Service and Support Review (SSR) committee must review the SNR form with the attached documents and give approval to obtain bids before the project can move forward.


  • Once this step is completed, a LCBDD staff member will take on the next steps of the process.
  • If the committee does not approve the proposal, you have the right to appeal.

Step three: Bidding process

  • A LCBDD staff member will reach out to a group of contractors who are certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD).
      • The contractors will provide bids, which explain how much it would cost to complete the work.
      • LCBDD must receive at least three bids for each project.
      • The lowest bid by a DODD certified contractor will be selected.


  • Contractors may request time to access your home so they can take measurements. Please assist in making these arrangements ASAP.
  • Home modifications funded by Medicaid must be completed with “building grade materials.”

Step four: SSR review

  • LCBDD staff will present the lowest bid to the SSR Committee. They have three options:
      • Approve the request to modify the home.
      • Deny the request.
      • Ask for more information.
  • After the decision is made, a LCBDD staff person will contact your family to let you know the next steps.


      • Some requests will need to be approved by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities after being approved at the local level.
      • If the request is denied, you have the right to appeal.
      • If the request is approved, your Service Coordinator will add the information to your ISP and will ask for your signature.

Step five:  Construction

  • Your Service Coordinator will work with the contractor to schedule the work and will monitor the progress. An agreed upon start and completion date will be established.
  • Once the job is finished, your Service Coordinator will meet with you to review the work and take “after” pictures.
  • If all the work is completed according to the subjective bid, you will be asked to sign an Environmental Modification form.


  • All jobs are guaranteed for a year.
  • Your family should meet with the contractor to understand the project

Click here or more information about home modifications and your waiver.

You may also reference Ohio Administrative Code 5123-9-23 “Home and community based service waivers- environmental accessibility adaptations under the individual options and level one waivers.”