Family Support Services F.S.S.

What are Family Support Services (F.S.S.) Funds?

The  Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities makes Family Support Services (F.S.S.) funds available to Board-eligible children, adults and their families to acquire goods, services, and supports that address the special needs of their family member with a disability. People with developmental disabilities have a right to live in a safe home, enjoy membership in a family, and have access to supports they need to participate (to the degree they choose) in their community. F.S.S. Funds are intended to be used to support families while nurturing partnerships between family members and other supportive people (including professionals who serve these individuals and their families), building on the unique strengths of each family, utilizing the resources in each family’s social network/home community,  and respecting the beliefs, values and structures of each family.

What does the F.S.S. Funds Program look like?

For 2021 the Mid-East Ohio Regional Council (MEORC) will be the administrator for our F.S.S. Funds Program.  Interested individuals/families must request an application for F.S.S. Funds (instructions on how to do this are in the “How do I apply for F.S.S. Funds” section below).

Approved applicants will have access to up to $600.00 of F.S.S. Funds per eligible individual. Please note that if you have more than one family member who would like to access F.S.S. Funds then you will need to request and complete a separate application for each individual.

To use  F.S.S. Funds, approved applicants must contact MEORC to make a request to use their funds. MEORC will use the LCBDD Administrative Policy for Family Support Services to determine if the request is an approved use of F.S.S. Funding.

If you would like to review the LCBDD Administrative Policy for Family Support services, including the approved funding use list (in English), please click here.  

If you would like to review the LCBDD Administrative Policy for Family Support services, including the approved funding use list (in Nepali), please click here.  

Your Service Coordinator will contact you to discuss any requests that may be deemed to not be an approved use of F.S.S. Funds. This means that for 2021 there will not be receipts submitted for reimbursement as you must make the request to access the funds before an item is purchased and MEORC will take care of the purchase for you. This means the item will be shipped to you directly. Upon receipt of a complete order request, items are usually ordered with 3 days.

Please note: As items will be shipped to you and shipping times are still running on a delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please be sure to make replenishment requests in advance of needing items (such as diapers) to ensure you have enough to last until the new are received.

If you would like to review helpful tips for using F.S.S. Funds, please click here.

How do I apply for F.S.S. Funds?

A new application to access F.S.S. Funds must be made each year.

F.S.S. applications can be requested via the LCBDD secure email portal, Please review the following steps:

Go to the following website:  to create an account or login with an existing account.

Click on the “compose” tab to open a new email and in the body of the email you can make your request for your F.S.S. e-application.

Send your request to: “Body” and “Attachments” of the email will be encrypted. The “Subject” is not encrypted please do not put any sensitive information into the subject line.)

You will receive an email response acknowledging your application request has been received and is being processed. Approved application requests will receive an application via email from our F.S.S. program administrator, MEORC, within 7-14 business days. For application requests that have been reviewed, but determined to not be eligible to receive an application, your Service Coordinator will contact you directly to review.

How do I verify services?

Service Verification Forms for Respite and Mileage Forms for for medical, therapy, and specialist appointment mileage will be obtained from and submitted to MEORC. Forms will be available on MEORC’s website in 2021, please click here to access MEORC’s website.

During what time of the month are payments processed?

MEORC processes items in the middle or the month (usually close to the 15th) and the end of the month (usually close to the 31st).

Who can I reach out to if I have questions?

As always, you may reach out to your Service Coordinator for assistance with questions. However, since the 2021 F.S.S. Funds program is being administered by MEORC, you now have them as an extra resource for your questions.

Please note: While corresponding with MEORC, be sure to include the first name and last name of the person supported by LCBDD and indicate that the person is supported by LCBDD. Correspondence with MEORC, outside of application requests, should be addressed within 3 days.

The MEORC F.S.S. Coordinator (Lisa Keen) can be reached via the following methods:

      • Cell- (740) 504-1496
      • Email- Attention: Lisa Keen
      • Fax- (740) 397- 2206
      • Address- MEORC Family Support Services, Attention Lisa Keen 1 Avalon Road Mt. Vernon Ohio 43050

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