Early Childhood

At LCBDD, Early Childhood services focus on the three different life stages for your child and the priorities and milestones that come with them. 

Our team offers decades of experience working with young children,  and we can use that to support you as we get to know your child and the things that are important to your family.

Choose an option below to see what services are available:

Click here if you have a child ranging in age from birth to 3.

Click here if you have a child ranging in age from 3 to 6.

Click here if have a child ranging in age from 6-13.

Did you know that LCBDD has Pinterest pages focused on many areas of early childhood development? Check out the links below:

Autism https://www.pinterest.com/lcountydd/autism-early-childhood/

Behavior https://www.pinterest.com/lcountydd/behavior-early-childhood/

DIY https://www.pinterest.com/lcountydd/diy-early-childhood/

Fine Motor https://www.pinterest.com/lcountydd/fine-motor-early-childhood/

General Development https://www.pinterest.com/lcountydd/general-development-early-childhood/

Gross Motor https://www.pinterest.com/lcountydd/gross-motor-early-childhood/

Oral Motor https://www.pinterest.com/lcountydd/oral-motor-early-childhood/

Resources for Parents https://www.pinterest.com/lcountydd/resources-for-parents/

Sensory https://www.pinterest.com/lcountydd/sensory-early-childhood/

Speech https://www.pinterest.com/lcountydd/speech-early-childhood/

Vision https://www.pinterest.com/lcountydd/vision-early-childhood/

Funding Early Childhood

Early Childhood services are provided by the Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities and funded through local property tax levies, which are the board’s primary sources of funding. Federal grant funds through Part C of IDEA are used to provide service coordination for children birth to 3.