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#myDSPstory Meet Kim and Carolyn


Want to develop detective skills? Do you like to go on adventures? Are you persistent? Learn more about being a DSP!


Then you might enjoy the following that The Fuse Network shared with us!

Being a Direct Support Professional allows you choose your own path. If you visit the Indian Mound Mall Fun-4-U Arcade you just might see The Fuse Network Direct Support Professional (DSP) Kim and her friend Carolyn McIntyre. You’ll be able to recognize Kim because she’ll be the one covered in stickers, Carolyn’s way of letting you know she wants to spend time with you and be your friend. This year Carolyn has been working on experiencing new things and Kim has been right there with her to go on new adventures!

Carolyn has always loved bowling, so when it came time for her team to find something she would enjoy, the way she enjoys bowling, her DSP Kim put her detective skills to work! After thinking about the mechanics of bowling, the team decided to try ski ball at the Arcade. The weight difference between a bowling ball and a ski ball translated to it raining ski balls inside the Arcade, but Kim was persistent and noticed Carolyn’s strength and focus. They decided strength and focus might be good for another new adventure, basketball. Carolyn is a natural! She makes a high percentage of her shots, is extremely engaged, and has come to love basketball!

So we end our story where we began, you choose your own path- Who will you be today?

If you would like more information about being a Direct Support Professional (DSP), be sure to visit DSP Ohio ( DSPOhio.org). Thank you to The Fuse Network, DSP Kim, and Carolyn for letting us tag along on your most recent adventure! #myDSPstory

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