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Meet Shayne!


Shayne Waterman is sharing his love of trains in a unique way.

Shayne Waterman has loved trains ever since he can remember.

He will never forget his first train ride and has done extensive research about different trains and how they work.

“I just think they are fascinating machines, especially old steam engines,” he said.

Shayne, 25, has found a unique way to share his interest with others.

Several years ago, he found a video on Youtube about making a train whistle out of cork and PVC pipe.

Now he makes whistles of all shapes, sizes and colors, which he sells for donations at SPARK Employment Strategies at the Indian Mound Mall.

“They are for anyone old enough to know what a train is, and people who are interested in trains,” he said.

Shayne, of Newark, was one of the first participants at the Inspiration Station, a SPARK location in Pataskala dedicated to toys and trains.

When construction relocated that group to the mall, Shayne continued to make and sell his train whistles under the name Whistlin’ Waterman’s Whistles.

The whistles have a suggested donation price of $5 for a single, $7 for a double and $10 for a triple. Different sizes produce different types of sounds.

“I do it for the fun of it,” he said. “I test each one out in my garage.”

Shayne is always looking for other ways to pursue his hobby. For about eight months, he was able to volunteer with All Smiles Aboard, the children’s train that used to travel through the mall. He helped clean the train and assisted riders.

Although the train is no longer in the mall, Shayne keeps busy, working part-time, doing cleaning at CLE, and is very active in his church, Bible Baptist Church in Newark.  He sings in their men’s quartet and choir and helps out with ushering, Vacation Bible School and baptisms.

Shayne also volunteers at The Works in downtown Newark once a week in the Invent Lab, helping kids use tools and safety equipment.

He enjoys going on train rides and often works that into his vacations, when possible.

At SPARK, he sometimes sets up his model trains and has been able to connect with visitors of all ages walking through the mall.

He publishes a newsletter, called “Shayne’s Trainz” that gives information about historical locomotives. He’s presented on different trains several times to other SPARK participants.

He’s hoping to get to know more train enthusiasts, who might enjoy his whistles.

SPARK is proud of all the ways Shayne has used his hobby to connect with others, said Rochelle Andrews, site coordinator for SPARK Employment Strategies

“Anytime someone has a specific passion that they can turn into a hobby or an entrepreneurial opportunity, it’s very valuable,” she said.

To find out more about Shayne’s train whistles, visit SPARK Employment Strategies at the Indian Mound Mall at 771 S. 30th St. in Heath. Their phone number is 740-334-3971.


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