Superintendent’s Message August 2017


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Inspiration comes to us in many ways.  It may be from a speech you just heard, a good-deed that you just observed, an aspiring athlete who just crossed the finish line, or recognition for a job well-done.  So many things drive us to always do our best, regardless of limitations or obstacles.

As you think about who or what has inspired you lately, I encourage you to think about the many strong advocates who worked endlessly to take our system from what it was 50 years ago to today.

Many positive objectives have been reached in the last 50 years, making our system more person-centered and driven.  Options geared toward creating independence, such as employment supports and remote monitoring have truly turned the what was once a one-size-fits all model to an approach based on each person’s support needs rather that what the system has to offer.

Every day I focus on the three words that I have posted in my office. They are: “Patience, persistence and passion.” Often, these words describe many of the people that lead positive change.

Coupled with the inspirations that we experience daily from people we support, parents and advocates, we’re constantly reminded of the importance of the work we do.

As we continue to celebrate our 50th year, always remember the great work that has been done over the last five decades, which provided the foundation for people to be more independent and live their lives the way they desire.

We only got where we are today by working together.

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