Where can I find Momentum Refresh in Licking County?

A photo of the Momentum Refresh vehicle including signage and a wheelchair lift.

For the first time in Licking County history, four upcoming summer events will be more accessible than ever — thanks to a partnership between LCBDD and Momentum Refresh.

Momentum Refresh is the first-ever universal design mobile restroom resource in the U.S. Their restroom vehicle, which is the size of a food truck, includes a wheelchair lift, an adjustable changing table that can accommodate an adult, a ceiling hoist and an accessible toilet and sink. Trained staff members stay with the vehicle at all times to provide information and clean the space between uses. 

The inside of a Momentum Refresh vehicle, which includes a universal changing table, a lift, a sink and toliet.

Look for the Momentum Refresh vehicle at the following events for summer 2024:

LCBDD applied for American Rescue Plan ACT (ARPA) funds from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities in fall 2023 to support accessible restroom facilities. The Board received $190,000 to enter into a contract with Momentum Refresh and plans to partner with community events by sponsoring the vehicle’s rental fee as future funding allows.