50 years of awareness

50 years of Awareness

In the last 50 years, many things have changed at the Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities. The way the board has been branded and marketed is no exception.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, we’ve dug into our archives to share some of the images, logos and slogans that have been used to get our message out to the community, as it has evolved over time. We will try to update this page throughout the year, as we continue to explore our history.

Please note that when LCBDD began, different terminology was used and medical knowledge about disabilities, and conditions causing them, was limited. For many years, until August 2009, LCBDD was known as the Licking County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. Although we do not use these words today, they are presented here in a historical context.

Levy campaigns have been part of the Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ story since Nov. of 1960 when the first operating levy was passed to support the Starlight School. The generous support of local tax payers has allowed the board to continue every since.

During these campaigns, LCBDD typically took on the role of informing the community about the different needs met by the board.

Community supporters and political action committees raised money to pay for advertising and other promotional materials. Although these items were not created by LCBDD, they are still a part of our history.

LCBDD has archives dating back to the 1950s and some of the items there are one of a kind. Here’s just a few of the interesting awareness items we’ve discovered this year.