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Meet DJ!


DJ Crook recently celebrated his one-year anniversary at Tencate.



DJ Crook’s work days start early, but he looks forward to putting in each 10-hour shift.

Since he started working as a sheeter at Tencate, he’s only missed one day of work.

“I love this job,” he said.

A graduate of Lakewood High School, DJ worked at nursing facility and a few restaurants after high school, but knew he wanted to try something in manufacturing.

With support from the Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and Ohio Means Jobs, he submitted his resume and got an interview at the Hebron company that makes armor systems.

After a successful interview, DJ came to the plant for a trial day, said Ryan Sturgeon, vice president of operations at Tencate. It was clear that he would be a good fit.

Since then, DJ, 23, has established himself as a hard worker and a great multitasker, said his supervisor Charlotte Barcus.

He takes his responsibilities very seriously, carefully filling out the necessary paperwork with each project. If his coworkers need help, he tries to be there for them, she said.

But he also likes to joke with his team members and has enjoyed dressing up for Halloween and Christmas and making them smile.

“He’s definitely a team player,” Ryan said. “I couldn’t be happier, he’s done a great job.”

DJ is in the process of being cross trained so he can branch out into other areas of the plant, Ryan said.

“This will make him even more valuable,” he said.

When he’s not working, DJ loves to read and draw and just started wood burning. He is saving up to buy a car one day.

But when he talks about his job, it’s clear it means so much more than a paycheck.

“I can’t join the military,” he said. “So this is kind of my way of giving back.”

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