Superintendent’s Message: Spring 2019


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Together, we are building a stronger future

For more than 50 years, the Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities has been supporting the citizens of our county.

The cornerstone of the board has been the E. S. Weiant Center.

This building served for many years as our school and has continued to evolve as federal and state regulations changed.

Starting back as early as 2011, the Board prioritized a vision to continue to preserve this valuable bulding for many decades to come.

While the building was always well-maintained, it never received any large-scale updates. As buildings age, at some point, work must be done.

In October 2017, we announced a major renovation plan which began in May of 2018.

For nearly a year, we made some temporary moves, knowing that in time we would all be back in a very functional space, all under one roof.

That’s why, this year we are talking about building a stronger future. It is more than a tagline, it is a statement of true purpose.

Not only are we focusing on the physical building, but as we reoccupy the space, we are creating an environment that encourages easier access, improved communication and efficient procedural practices.

When you start out having all departments under one roof and add our passionate, well-trained, dedicated staff to the mix, we can truly create an environment to ensure we are building a stronger future for the people we support, their families, provider agencies and our community partners.

When I came to the board, we served just over 1,500 people.

Now we are serving more than 1,700. This growth and the need for supports are not going to change. Our proactive approach ensures that the people we support and the services we fund will enhance our mission and purpose.

Now, with all the elements in place, we are looking forward to inviting you to come and see us at the renovated E.S. Weiant Center this summer. I cannot thank the citizens of Licking County enough for their continued support.

Contact Superintendent/CEO Jason L. Umstot by calling 740-349-6588 or email


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