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#myDSPstory: Justin Taylor


Justin Taylor has been a DSP at Newark Resident Homes for three years.



One of Justin Taylor’s most memorable moments as a direct support professional happened in a doctor’s office.

A man Justin was supporting had a 27-year streak of refusing to give a blood sample. But with Justin by his side at the appointment, he had to courage to complete the procedure.

Justin’s coworkers at Newark Resident Homes were blown away. But Justin just sees it as an example of why he loves being a direct support professional, or DSP. He has had the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with the people he supports — who he considers members of his extended family.

A retired MMA fighter, Justin said he struggled from an early age without family support. A turning point came for him when he had to do community service through Licking Valley High School and began helping out in a special education classroom.

After working as a furniture mover and a truck driver, he started as a DSP at Newark Resident Homes three years ago.

Once he started, he fell in love with the profession because of the people he was supporting — as well as his coworkers.

A few months after he was hired at NRH, his coworkers threw him a baby shower which helped his family get what they needed for their new daughter.

Since then, Justin, his wife and his three girls have become a part of the NRH family, which includes his fellow DSPs and the people they support.

Justin is passionate about community integration and wants the people he supports to have the same experiences he enjoys. They listen to music, go to baseball games, work out and meet friends for pizza. He’s excited about planning a guys night at BW3s to watch football.

When Justin realized he had found a profession he enjoyed, he began working to expand his skills. He recently completed certificate of initial proficiency and certificate of advanced proficiency classes through the Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

He’s currently taking classes at Ohio State University to get his bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Justin said he wants to learn as much as he can, to continue to support the people he cares about.

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