Superintendent’s Message: Summer 2018


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I recently attended the NASDDDS Mid-Year Conference, which offered sessions full of information from different states, regarding the vast amount of change and progress that has occurred in the DD system over the past years.

It is exciting to know that in many ways, Ohio is making significant progress.

One of the focal points of the conference was on the use of technology. Recently I was asked to speak at the signing of the executive order by Governor Kasich naming Ohio a “Technology First” State. This monumental event demonstrates that Ohio is committed to using non-traditional services that have been proven to increase opportunities, empower and create more independence for the people that we serve.

We continue to shift from requiring a person to adapt to a pre-determined support structure to offering an array of services that are flexible to meet each person’s needs. We have moved away from a one-size-fits-all model to a very person-centered approach.

This progress continues to ring true as we have experienced a growth in employment, an increase in services that are inclusive and not segregated, and a real focus on what is important to and for the person receiving the supports.

I also had the great opportunity to present at the OACB conference in May alongside County Commissioner Duane Flowers. The panel
demonstrated how good working relationships with our local leaders promote reciprocal growth and stronger communities.

In our county, we have great working relationships, which help build on our progress. When we all work together, outcomes and experiences will benefit from the flexibility and additional opportunities.

With great gratitude, I have so much appreciation for the LCBDD staff, the Licking County providers, our local leaders and the trust the people we support and their guardians have in us to always do our best.

Working together truly leads to better outcomes.

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