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Check out our latest commercials!


Our new commercial focuses people we support — and their goals.

LCBDD is thrilled to share our commercial campaign for 2018!

This year we wanted to focus on telling three stories of the people we support and the goals they are working toward achieving.

Through LCBDD’s Early Intervention program, we have been able to support  2-year-old Axton Bryant, as his family has learned new ways to help him gain strength and use his walker. His family is working on preparing him for preschool.

With support from LCBDD and several local provider agencies, Megan Sowers is not only working and living independently, but attending college to achieve her dream of working with children.  She was introduced to the Columbus State Community College campus through a partnership between the college and PALS Chrysalis Health in Heath.

Chris Holderby has been supported by LCBDD for many years. After working at LICCO Inc. and in an enclave setting at THK, he was able to meet his goal of working in the community. Since November, he has been working at the Heath Panera and has been incredibly successful there!

Every person supported by LCBDD has their own story and their own goals. By working with our staff, providers, partners and community members, we can help people achieve what is important to them. Because together, we are better and we make Licking County a better place to be.


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