Meet Sam!


Sam Cohen is very proud of his job at Burger King in Newark.

In April, Sam Cohen will celebrate his two-year-anniversary working at Burger King on North 21st St., in Newark.

The lunch rush can be a busy time on Fridays and Saturdays, but Sam, who just turned 24, does a great job of keeping the dining room clean and organized.

He wipes down tables, keeps the floors clean and makes sure that there is always plenty of silverware, napkins, ketchup and other necessities for customers. Sometimes he even help customers figure out the new pop machine.

“When I come in here, Sam is always working, he’s always busy,” said Jeannette Bush, Sam’s job coach at LICCO Inc. “He’s definitely got the routine down.”

When he decided he wanted a job, Sam worked closely with Employment Specialist Denise Rose and Linda Hogue to make the connections he needed to fill out applications. He wanted to work at a restaurant and was thrilled when Burger King expressed interest.

Jeannette worked with Sam to make sure was able to clock in and out, using his fingerprint.

Sam not only loves his job but loves the people he works with, who are very supportive. He also said he enjoys seeing regular customers.

When he’s not working, Sam plays basketball with the West Licking Warriors Special Olympics team. He’s getting ready to start track season.

Sam also enjoys playing the drums and takes regular lessons at Martin Music in Newark.

Although he can be quiet around large groups of people, it’s clear by his big smile that he is very proud of the work he does.

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