Bringing generations together to promote integration


For the last few months, the Licking County Aging Program and the Licking County Library have organized a talent share group, bringing generations together.

Libby Patrick wanted seniors supported by the Licking County Aging Program and teens to share their talents and grow their social skills.

Libby, who works as Developmental Disabilities Community Integration Coordinator for the aging program, knows both age groups have talents that are important and need to be shared.

Working with Amy Gantt, Head of Teen Services at the Licking County Library, she started a talent share program in the library’s teen zone.

Their goals were to help two generations get to know each other better, while promoting community integration

The Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities contracts with the aging program to provide community integration opportunities for seniors.

During the summer, the monthly talent share meetings were well attended by students who brought musical instruments and sang, Libby said.

Other participants talked about their love for coloring, their interests in history — including the Civil War — and their passion for telling stories from their childhoods.

Although attendance has dropped since the school year started, Amy and Libby are hoping that the program will be an option for students who are home schooled to share their talents and meet new people.

Libby said her hope is that everyone who participates will learn from each other, develop new social skills and establish relationships as mentors.

“So far everyone is completely enjoying it,” she said. “It’s been great to bring seniors and young people together.”

The next talent share group meeting is at 1 p.m. on Nov. 14 at the downtown branch of the Licking County Library, 101 W. Main St. For more information, contact Libby Patrick at 740-641-2502, extension 244.


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