After Early Intervention, Pataskala girl is on the go


18-month-old Brynn Wills has made great strides, thanks to the Early Intervention program provided by the Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities.


Brynn Wills loves to be on the move.

Brynn-standalonewebWhether she’s walking with her puppy push toy or or sliding down the slide, the Pataskala 18-month-old is always on the go.

Her parents, Valerie and Dan Wills are thrilled with the progress she’s made since she started receiving physical therapy through the Early Intervention program provided by the Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities (LCBDD).

“I don’t know what we would do without (the program),” Valerie said. “It’s great to work with people who specialize in helping really young children.”

Valerie was familiar with Early Intervention because her son Ethan, who is now 9, was referred to the program and received speech therapy.

So when Brynn was having trouble sitting up and pulling herself up, her pediatrician recommended the Wills family reach out to LCBDD again for early intervention services.

In the last four months, Brynn has gotten stronger and is making great strides, her mother said.

“I couldn’t believe how individualized it was,” Valerie said. “You feel really confident that they can help your child.”

Funded primarily by LCBDD’s local tax levies, Early Intervention is offered at no cost to families.

The program is available to any Licking County child, from birth to age 3, with a developmental delay, a disability or a medical condition that would likely result in a delay.

Valerie said she and Dan were especially grateful that physical therapists could work with Brynn in their home, where she felt comfortable and could play with her own toys. brynn-web2

Working closely with the PT, they’ve been able to learn exercises they can do with Brynn throughout the day and brainstorm new ways to make them fun.

They are looking forward to helping Brynn reach her next milestone — learning to go from sitting to a standing position.

It’s been a great resource,” Valerie said. “They have all sorts of individualized, in-depth information about any concern you might have.”

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