Fun is the goal for PALS and Midwest softball teams


After a summer of fun, teams sponsored by provider agencies PALS and Midwest went head to head on July 21 for their last softball games of the season.

Chad Kaylor loves everything about playing softball.

“It’s really fun. I’ve gotten a lot of good hits,” he said. “I’ve made new, wonderful friends.”DSC_0130realweb

Chad, of Newark, is supported by Midwest and was thrilled when he found out the provider agency was starting a summer softball team.

He wasn’t the only one. The team, which started playing Thursday nights at Geller Park on June 9, has been very popular at Midwest, said Rayshawn Hardison, team co-captain.

“Win, lose or draw we always have fun,” he said. “We have a very positive attitude.”

Family and friends were all invited to join staff and the individuals they support on the team.

“We’ve got a few wins under our belt,” Rayshawn said.

Midwest is a first-year team, but PALS,  another provider agency located in Heath, has had a team at Geller Park for three seasons.

All the teams in the league have been very supportive, said Lauren Price, PALS facility director.

“It’s a way for (the peopDSC_0110realweble at PALS) to join their community,” she said. “They are getting out there and getting involved.”

PALS and Midwest played each other earlier this summer and developed a friendly rivalry. So their re-match on July 21 was a great way to end the season.

“It’s like Newark and Zanesville playing each other,” said Michelle McPherson, regional director of Midwest. “But we love (everyone at PALS). It’s all fun and games.”





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