Service Coordination

Service coordination is a key responsibility of the Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities (LCBDD). Service Coordinators (SCs) help people and their families plan for the future, establish outcomes, find and evaluate available service options and connect with community resources.

Our Service Coordinators:

  • Discover what is needed by the person and their family
  • Develop a person-centered plan with the active participation of the person being served and others who are important to the person with developmental disabilities.
  • Assist people with developmental disabilities in making connections with community resources.
  • Make appropriate referrals to resources when needed.
  • Ensure the services are effectively coordinated.
  • Listen and learn from people we support and their providers to track the progress of their outcomes.
  • Amend their support plans as they move through different phases of life.

Ages and Stages

At LCBDD, our Service Coordinators are grouped based on the three different stages of life experienced by the people we support. This structure allows Service Coordinators to become very knowledgeable about a certain age range and provide the most useful information.

Early Childhood Team

Our Early Childhood Team supports children from birth until they turn 13. To best meet their needs, we offer different levels of support based on age.

Transition Youth TeamYoung man and sister pose for photo

Transition Youth Service Coordinators support people from age 13 to 21. When a person turns 13, an LCBDD Transition Specialist joins the team to help the person plan for their future. Click here to learn about how a transition specialist can support you.

Both Service Coordinators and Transition Specialists work collaboratively with local school districts and are available to participate in team meetings to help with transitional goals and outcomes.  By linking people with resources, their goal is to help create a bridge from school to adult life in the community.

Click here for more information on Transition Youth Service Coordination.

Adult Team

Two men posing for photograph

Service Coordinators on the Adult Team support people ages 22 and older, continuing to support their goals and outcomes throughout their lives. Click here for more information about service coordination for people 22 and older.

Person Centered Planning

Regardless of age, our service coordinators work to get to know each person, discovering not only what is important for that person, but also what is important to them.

Funding for Service Coordination

Service coordination services are provided by the Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities. They are funded through local property tax levies and federal Medicaid revenue.

Contact Us

Your Service Coordinator is a great point of contact should you or your family need assistance or have questions. Click here to find their photo and email.  To contact Abby Spear, director of Service Coordination call 740-349-6588 or send her an email at