Provider Training

Required Trainings


EVV is a system Ohio Medicaid has chosen for providers to sign in and sign out of each shift.  Sandata is provided free for providers in Ohio DoDD Homemaker Personal Care providers are included in the Phase 2 of Ohio’s system. The effective date for Phase 2 is August 5, 2019.

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Calendar of Trainings by LCBDD for Providers

The Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities offers provider training each month. This training is intended for Independent Providers. Contact Teresa Whipkey for additional information.

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Trainings by MEORC

Click the link below to view the in-person trainings available from MEORC. Note: These trainings are offered at various locations and may have a fee associated with them.

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Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Use the MyLearning link on to take the Required Annual Provider Training class as well as many other helpful classes online for free. The Annual Training required and optional topics add up to 5 hours of training. Providers need to find an additional 3 hours of training each year that matches the needs of the people they support.

Use this document provided as a record of the courses you choose to take. Fill it out for each course you take and keep it in your provider notebook for your next review.

All courses completed on MyLearning will save to your transcript. Printing a certificate for each course is not helpful. The dates on the certificates do not update from year to year.

The Ohio Alliance for Direct Support Professionals

Please click below to see in-person training opportunities offered for free to their members. Memberships are $10.00 per year for Independent Providers.

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CEU Certificates

Online training offered for a fee. Providers should select option 1 (for new providers) or option 2 (for renewal). They also offer individual courses.

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