22 and older

After your 22nd birthday, you will transition to a Service Coordinator (SC) on our adult team.

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These team members have to be well versed in a wide variety of experiences, since the needs of someone in their mid-twenties can be very different than those of a person in their senior years.

We strive to always be person centered and will adapt our supports based on what you need, wherever you are in your life.

Your Service Coordinator is responsible for writing your Individual Service Plan (or ISP). This document evolves throughout your life and serves as a roadmap for the services and supports you need to reach your goals. You and your team will meet to discuss this document at least once a year.

Your SC can also help with:

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Can I get a waiver?

Ohio has implemented an assessment to determine waiver eligibility. Your Service Coordinator can coordinate getting the assessment completed. For more information, Click here to visit our waiver page.

Can I get Medicaid or SSI?

Medicaid and SSI are income-based programs, so not everyone will qualify. If you and your team want to find out if you qualify you can apply at the Department of Job and Family Services for Medicaid and the Social Security office for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  Your SC can assist you in the application process.

What we believe:

You are in the driver’s seat

Click here for more information about self advocacy and self determination.

You have a variety of options if you need support

Part of being person-centered means focusing on what is important to you and for you. But what happens if you need help making certain kinds of decisions?

You have a variety of options and your SC can help you explore which ones make the most sense for you.

Some people use a payee to help them with daily finances or have a financial or health care power of attorney to help them make decisions about their health or long term financial stability.  

Another option is supported decision making. Some people do this every day without putting a formal name to it. For them, it means that a trusted person, that they choose, helps them look at a decision and pick the option that’s right for them.  This could include family members, significant others, providers and direct support professionals.

Others take a more formalized approach and have a paid provider come in and assist with supported decision making. LCBDD contracts with ONI to provide this service. Your SC can provide you with more information. 

Guardianship is always one of the last options considered. This video from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities offers some good information about guardianship.

Rights restrictions are a last options after all other possibilities have been considered. There is a very specific procedure that must be followed. Click here for information on rights restrictions and the Human Rights Committee.

You have the right to the dignity of risk

We all take risks every day, and if we didn’t, it would be much harder to learn from our mistakes or try something new.  People with disabilities should be able to take risks in pursuit of the things they want in life.

If you would like, your support team can help you weigh the pros and cons of certain risks to help you decide how to move forward.

Safety Concerns

If you are concerned that a person with developmental disabilities is being abused or neglected, please contact us at 740-349-6588. If it is after regular business hours, please call 740-345-4357 (211 if local) and ask for the Licking County Board of DD on-call service coordinator.