Family Support Services


It is the policy of the Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities to make available to Board-eligible children, adults and their families resources to acquire goods, services, and supports that address the special needs of their family member with a disability. These resources are available without regard to family income.

People with developmental disabilities have a right to live in a safe home, enjoy membership in a family, and have access to supports they need to participate, to the degree they choose, in the life of their community. They also have a right to experience enduring relationships with brothers, sisters, and other family members and friends committed to their well-being. Board resources used to support families should help to:

  • Nurture partnerships between family members and other supportive people including professionals who serve these individuals and their families.
  • Build on the unique strengths of each family.
  • Utilize the resources in each family’s social network and home community.
  • Respect the beliefs, values and structures of each family.


To be eligible for Family Support Services, a person of any age, who is eligible for Board services, can live alone, or reside in the family home (specifically with one’s parent, brother, sister, spouse, son, daughter, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin or guardian).
If a non-family member is providing supports, that if withdrawn, would result in the need for alternative living arrangements, then the non-family member would be eligible to receive Family Support Services.


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