COVID-19 related closures

We will post information about COVID-19 related closures here.


To protect the safety of our staff and visitors, we have decided to close our building at the end of the business day (4:30 p.m.) on Monday, March 16. Please understand, this does NOT mean we are no longer operating. We are still here to support you. Our phones will still be staffed during normal business hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday) and emails will be returned. Our on-call service coordinators can continue to be reached after hours by calling 211, to assist with emergencies. Our website and social media pages will also continue to be updated.


Posted Sunday, March 15:  We are concerned about the impact of the coronavirus. The LICCO day services will be open on Monday and Tuesday for people who need essential day services. If you are able to safely stay home, please choose to do so. Effective end of the program day Tuesday, the day service programs will be closed and will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so. LICCO is working closely with the County Board of Developmental Disabilities and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to ensure that everyone who needs essential services in their home receive them. Our day service, employment service and administrative team members will be providing the essential services needed within the homes of individuals served.


Posted Sunday, March 15: In order to decrease the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to ensure the health and safety of our individuals and staff we have decided to close Kicks after day services on Tuesday until further notice. We will be keeping in close contact with the county board to provide any additional information. Unfortunately we cannot predict the length of closure but will keep you all informed as we have more information. We are asking that if you can safely stay at home on Monday and Tuesday to please do so. If you do plan on staying home these days please call us and let us know.Please stay safe and we will be in touch.

Gathering Place:

Posted Monday, March 16: Hello from the Gathering Place of Licking County.  We have made the decision that we will close our ADS locations (Asbury, Gainor, Jones & Woods) effective at the end of the day today and at least through March 27th (we will be monitoring the COVID-19 guidelines and suggestions).  If any current participant absolutely needs ADS services tomorrow we are prepared to offer that in order to allow time for coverage and planning but we will need to know this so that we can have a plan for transportation and staffing.  This is not an easy decision but is one that we hope everyone will understand as we are truly looking out for the health and safety of the individuals and staff.  Please contact me if ADS services are needed for tomorrow as soon as possible.  This is a scary time in our world and there is much unknown at this time.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions that you may have.

Donna Jean Center:

In an attempt to help decrease the risk of spread of the Corona Virus the Donna Jean Center will be closing it’s doors at 4pm on Thursday March 19th, 2020. We are currently doing everything we can to decrease the risk of contracting the Corona Virus. We feel we will be able to decrease this risk even more by clients staying at home in their smaller settings. We will keep you undated as information comes in, Thank you for your understanding.

Center for Disability Services:

After much consideration and evaluation of the “essential” services, Center for Disability Services has decided to close our Administrative Building. This is in an effort to keep our employees safe. Please note, our Administrative team will be working remotely from the hours of 9am-5pm. If you need any assistance during this time please contact each team member via their cell phone or email. If you do not have their cell numbers or emails please contact the receptionist at 740-404-7251 and she will be happy to assist you.
In addition, Our ADS locations have been closed.




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