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Community Resources during COVID-19 situation

If we are notified of community resources that would help during the COVID-19 crisis, we will compile them here:


Boredom Busters

LCBDD has compiled a list of Boredom Busting strategies for people we support and their families. Find this list (which we will be adding to) by clicking here.

Check out these additional resources compiled by MEORC:












Art class:  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=brickhouse+grind+art


  • STABLE Accounts: UPDATE: Additional information available at https://www.stableaccount.com/covid-19/
    • By the end of May, many Americans will have received a stimulus check from the federal government. The attached flyer provides helpful information about how to save and invest these funds and maintain needs-based government benefits. Stay safe and please direct any questions to 1-800-439-1653 or team@stableaccount.com.
    • Any person that receives a government stimulus check, and is eligible to have a STABLE Account, may deposit the stimulus funds into a STABLE Account.
    • Stimulus funds will not be directly deposited by the federal government into the STABLE Account, but can be transferred from the account where the stimulus is deposited into STABLE Account at the discretion of the STABLE Account beneficiary or Authorized Legal Representative (ALR)
    • STABLE Account is a place to hold funds without the funds counting as a resource, and then spend the funds at the chosen time of the account beneficiary or ALR managing the account
    • All of the tax advantages of the STABLE Account remain in place for any contributions made into the STABLE Account, including stimulus funds deposited into a STABLE Account.  STABLE Account tax advantages may include  state tax deductions for contributions into the STABLE Account, earnings on savings and investments are tax-free (state and federal) when used to pay for qualified expenses, and the federal Saver’s Tax Credit.
    • For more information about Ohio STABLE Accounts or how to set one up, go to stableaccount.com.


Click here to read a statement from the Licking County Transit Board.


Resources in other languages

This Youtube channel, created by The Refugee Response has information about COVID-19 in many languages: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOZioxrIwCv3XMucYU8AmVRC7R7vLnYEJ

Translations of information about hand washing and other protective measures

Unemployment resources:

Licking County COVID-19 Relief Fund: https://www.unitedwaylc.org/covid

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