Become an Agency Provider


Become An Agency Provider

We administer Licking County’s developmental disability system. This includes more than 100+ independent providers and 15+ local agencies who provide direct services to Licking County residents who have developmental disabilities. We use our local levy dollars to provide funding to the Providers in our community. The providers we contract with to provides services/support for Licking County residents are certified through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD).

An Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Certified agency provider is an entity that employs other people for the purpose of providing services to men and women with developmental disabilities.

Getting Started

The person responsible for the administration of an agency provider must have the following documents accessible to enroll:

  • Verification of age:  All provider applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • State Identification:  Valid driver’s license or other government-issued photo identification
  • Social Security Card
  • Current report from the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCII).  Current report from the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCII). This report needs to be send to ODODD Office of Provider Certification, 30 E. Broad Street. 13th Floor Columbus, Ohio 43215. The reason code for use on your BCII report is 5123.081. BCII checks in Licking County can be completed at the Newark Police Station.
  • Certification from the Secretary of State verifying your agency or company
  • Letter from IRS verifying your Tax Identification Number
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university or college or 4 years of experience in the field of Developmental Disabilities.
  • Proof of Experience: One year of paid, full-time work experience in the provision of services to people with Developmental Disabilities in the areas of supervision of staff; personnel matters; financial management; and supervision of services
  • Please refer to Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 5123:2-2-01 Provider Certification Rule for additional information on required policies, procedures and staff trainings.
  • Evidence of 8-hours training**

**Prior to applying to become a provider, you must have evidence that you have completed 8 hours of training on the following topics:

  • Overview of serving individuals with Developmental Disabilities
  • Rights of Persons with a Developmental Disability
  • Incidents affecting Health and Safety (UIR/MUI)
  • Basic Principles and Requirements of Providing Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waiver Services
  • Universal Precautions for Infection Control

These trainings are offered through the following organizations/ websites as a package of eight hours.

Final Steps

After you have gathered the needed documents and evidence that you have completed the training, you will need to create a “Provider User Account” on the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities website in order to gain access to their Certification Wizard through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities website. The Certification Wizard will walk you through how to submit your information to become a provider.

Please refer to the video below for assistance in creating a Provider User Account and using the Certification Wizard.

Working with LCBDD

After completing DODD Certification, contact David McManus  to be added to our provider network.

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